How long will it take to get my order?

Shipping should take up to 4-5 days. 

Can I return my product?

For any info concerning refunds & returns, please click here.

Where's my package and how do I track it?

Once your product is on its way we will send a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number included.

How do I contact customer support?

You are welcome to write us an email, please click here 

Does your eating window have to stay the exact same every day to be efficient?

Your body gets used to your fasting hours, and you should try to maintain a constant eating-fasting time. However, if you switch it around, you won't stop getting results, but it will be a bit harder to maintain a schedule since your body will sometimes get hungry well before your eating window!

Can I workout during my fasting time?

Yes, you can, just keep in mind that your energy levels might be lower. It is highly recommended to do your workouts during your eating window.

What can I drink when I am fasting? Is coffee allowed?

You can drink water (actually, it's a must!), tea and coffee while fasting. It is highly recommended to drink them plain. However, a super tiny splash of milk or creamer added to your coffee will do no harm. Same goes for a slice of lemon to your water. Despite that, we still advise you to stay strong and wait until your eating window starts. Then, you are free to drink what you want!

Does alcohol break my fast?

As alcohol contains calories, consuming it during your fasting period will definitely break your fast. Try having a glass of wine after dinner and you'll be fine. Just keep in mind that any extra calories hinder your progress.

Does bone broth break my fast?

While some say that bone broth won't break your fast, it still has some calories, and our advice is to avoid any calories during your fasting period. It will be easier for your body to start burning calories, and you'll feel the positive effects of intermittent fasting way sooner!

Can I take my medicine during fasting?

Medication is always more important than having an empty stomach! Taking it won't break your fast unless the binding agent is sugar. Even if it would break your fast, getting your medication is way more important than maintaining a fast. Maybe you should change your eating window into the one that goes well with the time you take your pills? Most medication go after the meal so you might really need to adjust your eating window accordingly.

Do your supplements contain any stimulants or weight loss medications?

Stimulants are substances that can make you feel more alert, attentive, and energised, but they also can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.
Our supplements do not contain any stimulating substances (e.g. caffeine), which can have potentially harmful health effects. Our products include only naturally occurring biologically active compounds, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Where can I find DoFasting community?

You can find and join our Facebook community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IntermittentDoFasting/ 

That's where DoFasting community members discuss their experience and share their success stories. You can participate in discussions, connect with like-minded people people, swap recipes, ask for tips and many more. We are waiting for you!