Food Under 200 Calories: What Should You Eat?

In the initial days of your dieting, you may feel nothing wrong with gobbling on a candy bar once in 10 days or sneaking out to eat a slice of pizza. Although it may seem not to harm, it does quite a bit of it. It only takes a bite of these high-calorie foods to disrupt your healthy diet at once.


So, for all dieting individuals who cannot help but want to quench their cravings with something delicious, we have something exciting for you. These foods under 200 calories will help you gorge on your favorite foods without any guilt while helping you cater to your diet plan at the same time. 

What Can I Eat for 200 Calories?

What can’t you eat under 200 calories? Most of these recipes only require 30 minutes of your total preparation time. Oh, and once they come out on the table, you won’t be able to help but gorge on them instantly.

Slow cooker vegetable omelet

This recipe is healthy, nutritious, and super yummy, with just 167kcal to offer. This dense, traditional, and easy-to-make omelet is an excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids as well. All you need is simple ingredients like egg, parmesan, salt, pepper, virgin olive oil, and your favorite veggies to do the trick.

White bean avocado toast 

With 140kcal, white bean avocado toast makes for a filling and nutritious breakfast recipe. If you want to kickstart your day with something super healthy, it can’t get better. All you need is white beans, tahini paste, lemon juice, tomatoes, avocados, bread, and salt. Once it prepares, there won’t be anything like it. This is also the best meal under 200 calories and snacks under 200 calories.

Mediterranean veggies 

An assortment of colorful veggies makes up to 173kcal. This is a hands-down lunch or dinner recipe to eat when you want something super healthy yet delicious.

5 Meals Under 200 Calories

Baked fish with olives and tomatoes 

The Greek cod loaded with fresh veggies comes up to 191kcal at a time. It can be a filling, healthy, and tasty treat with balsamic vinegar, black olives, cucumber, and lemon zest.

Greek salad 

If you are a salad lover, this one is going to sweep you off your feet. With 176kcal, it makes for a healthy food under 200 calories. 

Chicken salad 

This simple chicken salad recipe that contains 183kcal is sufficient for you. It comes with mixed leaves, tomato, shredded chicken, and a splash of balsamic vinegar to top it off.

Scrambled eggs with salmon 

This recipe comes with 168kcal and provides a delicious experience like no other. When you eat this, you are sure to forget about all your favorite meals for once. We promise; it is worth all the talking.


If you have a knack for Indian recipes, poha will not fail to impress you. It constitutes a healthy breakfast meal between 150–180kcal at a time. You can top it off with your favorite veggies to enhance their nutritional value.

5 Snacks Under 200 Calories


Popcorn is a good source of fiber and whole grain that you can eat as much as you want. 100kcal bags of air-popped popcorn are the best to opt for when you wish to grab foods under 200kcal.


Experts will tell you that almonds are the perfect evening snack. Around 214kcal are available in a quarter cup of almonds. They are also incredible sources of protein, healthy fat, and fiber that make them a great addition. 


Sherbets are good after-dinner snacks that reach up to 120kcal in a half-cup measurement. Although it lacks nutrition, it can be a tasty treat for all the times you crave something delicious. 

Muffin mini-pizza 

When you cannot dig into large margarita pizzas, these can come to your rescue instantly. Half an English muffin may contain about 66kcal at a time. 

Milk smoothie 

Smoothies can be your best friend when you are looking to quench your dessert cravings. These can also act as perfect early morning food under 200kcal. 


What Can I Eat for Breakfast Under 200 Calories?

Egg muffins 

Tiny egg muffins with 93kcal are your ultimate go-to when you want to kickstart your morning breakfast with food under 200 calories. These are filling and may be ready in just 20 minutes. 

Homemade pancakes

Pancakes are naturally delicious, and when they contain just 122kcal, they become more delicious than ever. Whether you have workdays or holidays, prepare homemade pancakes to start your morning with a happy face. 

Vegan baked pesto tofu bites 

For vegans looking to consume food under 200 calories, this recipe is a dream. It is available at 138kcal, making it a healthy side dish to have with rice and any other main dish of your choice.

Fruit salad 

Immerse yourself into an assortment of fresh and colorful fruits that contain just 163kcal per serving. This healthy recipe will make your heart melt in no time. You can add bananas, apples, grapes, berries, kiwi, and even orange to fill it up. 

Homemade margarita pizza 

We saved the last for the best! Now, you can even gobble on your favorite pizza using five simple ingredients that total up to 102kcal. So, you can make this pizza recipe in just 30 minutes, and voila! You have the best meal to eat under 200 calories. 

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